Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Favorite Seattle, WA, Restaurants

A list (with address, phone numbers, web sites (if available), and our personal notes) of our favorite Seattle restaurants is up.

You might think, and it would be totally fair to think this, that we plan trips around eating.  While not exactly true, we do enjoy eating locally wherever we go (with one exception).  As  you will notice if you look at the Pre-Travel Research Tool in the Travel list,we have certain favorite restaurants we look for (a kind of a challenge to get to them all) and certain favorite types of restaurants (like German or brew pubs) we also seek out.

Part of our research for a new trip location also includes using our networks -- alumni directories, my personal Facebook account, local friends, and hotel personnel -- to seek out treasures to try.  Our philosophy is:  "It can only be bad once."  Thus, you will notice that we only listed restaurants we like and return to each year.  And, we'll continue to update the list -- I have a nagging feeling I've forgotten one or two. 

For Seattle, the first restaurant we tried was based on a recommendation from a friend who had lived there.  It was so good (food, service, great view) that we ate there three times!  And, we've made a habit to call our friend from the restaurant each trip to the restaurant to thank him.

We tried another restaurant based on a food road trip on one of the PBS' cooking shows.  Several restaurants were based on looks or smells.  One restaurant we might not have found on our own or given it a second look, except that several staff at the Inn at the Market recommended it.  Another restaurant we now enjoy has the double bonus of having a former Albuquerque, NM, favorite bartender working there as a server.  We celebrated his engagement the last time we were there, at the restaurant.

Now, alas, we have so many favorites, we "have" to eat smaller meals but visit more restaurants each day -- a rough way to vacation...but heck, someone has to do it.

Will work on neat bars in Seattle, next.  There are several places that have great atmosphere, friendly bartenders, and a nice selection of bottles at the bartender's disposal.  Sometimes, it's just nice to chill for a bit in cool place.

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