Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Thoughts

As we speed through the holiday season with thoughts of gift giving, decorating, visiting, and baking, let me request that we all have some additional daily thoughts.

A thought for those who cannot be with their families because they are on duty here and abroad.  Our police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, chefs, wait staff, kitchen workers, hotel workers, pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, shipping and freight carriers, and pharmacists, to name only a few.

A special thought for those in military service here and abroad.  They are always on duty so that we can be safe at home and abroad.

A fervent thought as an ambulance passes that the attendants, EMTs, and emergency room staff work up to their best potential to save that life.  If it is the destiny of that life to move on to the next chapter, that the passing is gentle and with grace.

And, finally, a positive thought for each of us.  Let us look around and see the plenty of what we have, the joy of our friends and family, and the hope and anticipation of the New Year to come.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A decent meal in 10 minutes (with help)!

So, let's start with the full truth -- this is not a "from scratch" meal.

But on busy nights, having a usable leftover, some sausages in the fridge, and a veg in the freezer can make a fast, balanced, and decent meal.

We had a side portion of Christy Mae's potato salad, frozen chopped spinach from Whole Foods, and Andouille Sausage by Wellshire Farms (also purchased at Whole Foods). 

Got out the grill pan, heated it up, and slapped the sausages in there to heat them (they are already fully cooked) and get the skin nicely marked and crispy.

Dumped the full bag of frozen spinach in a medium large Corningware dish (from S&H Green Stamps), put the lid on, and thawed it in the microwave.

Turned the sausages. Nice markings!

Had some heirloom garlic from friends -- sliced about 4 cloves, heated about 3 Tablespoons of butter in a large non-stick skillet and, with the fire on medium-low, threw the garlic slices in there to start cooking (but NOT browning).  Tossed in a bit of salt and four grinds of the pepper mill.

Drained the hot (and thawed) spinach (nothing fancy -- just slip the lid back, lean over the sink, let it dribble out), and tossed the spinach in the frying pan.  Gave it a stir.

Checked on the sausages, gave them another turn.

Got out plates, forks, steak knives, squeezed some Grey Poupon on each plate (we like to dunk our sausage slices in mustard), and divided up the potato salad.  You don't want to know how many different types of mustard we have in the refrigerator.

Stirred the spinach around -- just trying to cook off additional moisture and get the garlic essence through out.

One more turn of the sausages -- in the grill pan for about 9 minutes total.

Serve it up! Yummy!

P.S.  We saved half of the sausages (2 links) and half of the spinach for another night.
P.P.S.  We are not affiliated with nor employees of any of the above referenced companies.