Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Thoughts

As we speed through the holiday season with thoughts of gift giving, decorating, visiting, and baking, let me request that we all have some additional daily thoughts.

A thought for those who cannot be with their families because they are on duty here and abroad.  Our police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, chefs, wait staff, kitchen workers, hotel workers, pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, shipping and freight carriers, and pharmacists, to name only a few.

A special thought for those in military service here and abroad.  They are always on duty so that we can be safe at home and abroad.

A fervent thought as an ambulance passes that the attendants, EMTs, and emergency room staff work up to their best potential to save that life.  If it is the destiny of that life to move on to the next chapter, that the passing is gentle and with grace.

And, finally, a positive thought for each of us.  Let us look around and see the plenty of what we have, the joy of our friends and family, and the hope and anticipation of the New Year to come.