Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Scalo Wine and Dine -- another wonderful meal

Another delightful evening at Scalo Nob Hill (

I'll cover the menu first, with pictures, then have a couple of rants.  Feel free to skip the rants.

First course was a simple baby greens salad with cucumber, red onion, feta, and tomatoes.  Dressed with a light but flavorful dressing.  This was paired with a blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc wine.

Second course was an extremely savory ground veal kabob with curry seasonings, paired with a flavorful red.

Third course was the quintessential comfort food, high style.  Boneless chicken brest with attached leg; grilled and roasted.  Served with mushroom risotto and roasted pan juices and a surprising pairing with red wine.

And dessert!  What a dessert -- chocolate ganache tort with a thin crispy crust and raspberry coulis; served with a Kopke port.

1.  Show up on time!  This weekly event is clearly advertised with a 6:30pm start.  The restaurant very generously waits for people to show up, shifting the whole prep and delivery schedule awry.  In addition, those attendees who do bother to show up on time are left waiting, waiting, waiting.

2.  If you make a reservation, commit to it, or do the restaurant the courtesy of a 24-hour cancellation, NOT a 60 minute before the start cancellation.  You do realize that the chef and staff prep according to the reservations, ordering ingredients, meat, and wine at least a day in advance.  For 13 people to cancel an hour before the start is the epitome of selfish and rude behavior.

Rant over.

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Delicious Dinner

For my Albuquerque friends or anyone planning a visit to Q-Town, a locally-owned restaurant, Scalo Nob Hill, hosts a Wednesday Wine and Dine that is fabulous.  This is every Wednesday, mind you.

Start checking their website on Saturday (it varies when they post the next Wednesday's menu):

Here is the menu for this past Wednesday:

And here's a a pic for each of the four courses.  Each course is paired with wine matched to the food.

The butter lettuce with roasted carrots:

Tuna crudo with heirloom tomatoes:

The main course:

And, the delicious dessert;

All this for the amazingly fair price of $29.50, before tax and gratuity!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Well, it's been a while....Purrito Wrappers

Sorry, everyone.

Let's just say I underestimated what was involved in maintaining a blog,

So, I'm giving it another shot, starting with my most recent project.

I've become a big fan of a live stream on YouTube:  Kitten Dorm.  The couple foster orphan kittens and momcats with kittens.  I've been doing some modest support, including making paperbag albums for each of the kittens and momcats.  (Tutorial and photos in a future post.)

Most recently though, I wondered what else I could make and asked Kitten Dorm what they needed.

Out of that e-mail came a shopping list for SewExpo ( -- this fabric:

From the fabric I made these:

This is half of the batch -- all backed with flannel.  They can be used as wrappers for just bathed kittens or as a soft mat for kittens to sleep on

Three of the wrappers will go to Kitten Dorm and the rest will go to CatLove Rescue, with which Kitten Dorm is affiliated.