Monday, October 22, 2012

Repurposing tissue boxes

Have you noticed how pretty the boutique-sized tissue boxes are?  The graphics on the boxes are striking -- even the ones from the warehouse stores.

I started saving the boxes, thinking "there must be something I can do with these" (famous last words).

One day, I pulled one out and stared at it and noticed (I mean really noticed) that there was a nicely shaped oval cut-out in the top and a lot of other useful decorated paper (more like lightweight chipboard) on the other sides.  So, I took it apart at the flaps and then dismantled it by cutting on the fold lines.

The size of the top was pretty square with the two sides parallel to the long side of the oval having a bit more space between the edge of the oval and the edge of the paper, so I trimmed off a bit on those two sides -- made it look a bit more proportional to me.

The oval edge was a little rough (having been perforated for the bit you remove to get to the tissues), so I distressed it further.  Then I pulled out some solid colored cardstock that coordinated with the colors in the tissue box and an ink pad and a focal point stamp that would fit nicely in the oval, and a card was born!

The weight of the tissue box "paper" is pretty heavy, but the Nestabilities dies do work with it.  I haven't tried it with the Sizzix dies, yet, but will shortly, as I punched squares out of the smaller pieces that I will "quilt" together in a patchwork and run it through with the Top Note die for a background element.

I recently made one of my "movies" showing the steps I go through to dismantle the tissue box and make a card with the top part.  It's on my YouTube channel.

Have you ever repurposed a tissue box?  What did you do with it?

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